Nov 01 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

City of Port Wentworth – Redistricting Workshop

At workshops, members of the public are allowed to listen, but not make comments.

Redistricting Presentation-Georgia Joint Reapportionment Office

Redistricting Presentation-Georgia Joint Reapportionment Office

Issue/Item: Redistricting-The Mayor has scheduled a Special Called Workshop.

Background: “Redistricting, or “reapportionment” is the redrawing of the boundaries of an elective political district. The overriding legal principle that triggers the necessity for reapportionment is referred to as “one person, one vote.” If the census data demonstrates that a city has grown in population or that population within the city has shifted among elective districts, the city will need to reapportion the population. Another crucial factor that must be considered in determining whether a city needs to reapportion is the voting strength of minority populations.” If an examination of the census “data reveals a total deviation greater than 10%, the city probably needs to redistrict.” GMA Redistricting Guide 2022

Facts and Findings: The City Charter and State Law gives the City Council the authority to redistrict per home rule. Port Wentworth is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia nearly doubling in population since the 2010 census. The data reveals a deviation of 89% between the most populated district and the least populated as demonstrated below.

Current Population by district

District 1 – 4,058

District 2 – 2,558

District 3 – 2,625

District 4 – 1,637

Total Population 2020 Census – 10,878

New Ideal District Population – 2,720

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