Jan 28 2020


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

HOA Board Meeting

This Board Meeting’s agenda is mandated by the Lake Shore HOA ByLaws. The new Board will be meeting to elect the three mandatory Board officers – President, Secretary and Treasurer. No other Board business is scheduled for this meeting.

The Lake Shore HOA Board meetings are closed meetings.  Board meetings’ agendas are usually worked out in advance, and fully booked.

If you have a matter that you wish to raise before the Board, please contact Lanier well in advance of the meeting. The Board will try to schedule time in their next meeting for you to address your concern, although most concerns can be dealt with via email, personal contact, or at the scheduled General Meetings. If you have been invited by the Board to present a matter before them, if so, please arrive at the time your scheduled appointment.  If you drive later than your scheduled appointment, you may not have the opportunity to speak in front of the Board.

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