Dec 17 2019


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

HOA Annual Meeting and Election

The Lake Shore HOA Annual meeting is open too all members of the Lake Shore HOA.  Our HOA management company, Lanier, will be present to give their annual presentation, which includes the past and future financial budgeting.

Elections for new board members are held at the Annual Meeting.  To vote in the elections, you must be a homeowner is good standing.  Yjis means that all dues, fines and any accumulated interest must have been paid in full. The 2020 dues are not counted for this as they are not due until Jan 2020.

The Lake Shore HOA ByLaws specify that we use the plurality voting method, rather than the cumulative voting method. (Plurality voting means that each homeowner gets to vote for one Director.  Cumulative voting is if you are presented with a choice of voting for, say, 3 directors from a list of candidates.)

Each lot has one vote, no matter how many adults may reside in the home. The home may be represented by any of the adults who are on the deed to the house (you can check who is eligible by looking at the mailing label on the large white envelope Lanier recently sent with the 2020 Dues statement, 2020 Budget, information about the Annual Meeting, and a Proxy Vote form; if your name is on this label, you would be eligible to vote as the representative for your home/lot.)

If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting, you may fill in the Proxy Form.  On this, you specify who, or what entity you wish to have your Proxy.  You may choose an individual who will be attending the Annual Meeting, or assign your vote to the current Board of Directors who will decide how this vote is to be applied. The Proxy Form needs to be deposited with Lanier before 6:30pm on December 17th.  You may give the Proxy to your selected Proxy Holder to bring to the Annual Meeting, and present before the start of the meeting.


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