Jul 22 2022


2:00 pm - 11:55 pm

Lake Shore Community Dumpsters Available

The Board, as a courtesy for the residents, has decided to place two 30-yd dumpsters at the clubhouse for the residents of Lake Shore to use to haul away large items. You can deposit your large boxes, and general household bulk trash in the dumpsters. Please do not deposit tires, appliances, paint, or hazardous materials in the dumpsters. Please make sure that any paper trash is secured and will not blow out of the dumpsters.

The dumpsters will be delivered today, Friday, July 22nd in the afternoon and will be removed Monday, July 25th by early-midafternoon (drop off and pick up times are estimated and could happen earlier or later than estimated). 

We encourage the use of the dumpsters during these dates. Please do not overfill the dumpsters or leave any debris/waste/trash outside of the dumpster.

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