Feb 07 2020


7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Recyclable Pickup – Lake Shore

Lake Shore is split into two areas for collection.

  • East of Benton Blvd (Amberly and Braxton Manor), trash will be collected on Mondays, and recycling will be collected the first and third Thursday of the month.
  • For the remainder of Lake Shore, trash will be collected on Tuesdays, and recycling will be collected on the first and third Friday of the month, unless the first Friday is the 1st of the month, in which case it will be collected on the second and fourth Friday of the month..
  • Recycling will be picked up under the schedule outlined above. Recycling must be placed in the correct bin, the blue bin (with the green lid).
  • The recycling bin should be placed adjacent to, but not in, the street by 7am on the scheduled day. If the bin is not in place when the recycling truck comes by, your recycling will not be picked up. The handle of the bin should be facing the street.
  • All items in the recycling bin must be cleaned and placed directly in the recycling bin. Bagged items will not be collected.
  • The items accepted for recycling have changed.
    • Glass is no longer accepted for recycling.
    • Plastic marked 1 and 2 will be accepted. Items marked 1 include soda bottles, tv dinner trays, and thinner bottles such as water bottles
    • Items marked 2 include milk jugs, shampoo bottles, soap bottles and liquid laundry detergent bottles.
    • Newspapers, broken down cardboard boxes (must fit into cart), brown paper bags, telephone books, magazines and other miscellaneous residential paper is still accepted.
    • Items that are not accepted include grocery bags, tires, aerosol cans, Styrofoam, hoses, shredded paper, wet or food contaminated cardboard or paper, any plastic not marked 1 or 2
  • More facts, and a trash services calendar, are available at the Lake Shore Community Trash Service page of this website.
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