Oct 27 2022


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Town Hall Meeting at City Hall – Town Hall for a Residential Substance Use Recovery Facility

City of Port Wentworth

What: Town Hall for a Residential Substance Use Recovery Facility

When: Wednesday, October 19, 2022 AT 6:30 PM

Where: Port Wentworth City Hall, 7224 GA HWY 21

Hosted By: Dr. Katy Parker

Doctor Katy Parker wishes to open a residential rehab facility on a lot located at the end of a private road that is not owned by the doctor. The location is in a Residential-Agricultural Zone. Her request has been turned down at the City Planning Committee level and at the City Council Meeting level for being located in an inappropriate location. The city and its residents would be pleased to have such a facility, but in a more appropriate location, and with public road access. The lot has an easement to use the privately owned and maintained road only for normal residential purposes, but the owner of the road and other home owners using the road do not wish the road to be used for access to a business.

There was no hate speech at either meeting, and the vocal minority speaking at the meetings were largely the immediate neighbors who also live off of, and/or own, the private road.

The creation of an in patient addiction rehabilitation facility was not denied, and in fact welcomed, but not at the location requested. The lot is zoned R-A. Changes to the zoning were not sought.

Chapter 22 of describes businesses in a residential zoned lot.

The image is of the original announcement on the City of Port Wentworth Facebook Group

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