Toffee is a small, tan and brown brindle beagle mix. She is scared of everything when not in her home environment.

Chopper is a bi-colored black and tan German Shepherd Dog in the classic saddle coat pattern. He is two years old.   He lives in the high numbers of Fox Glen Ct.

Rocco is a black and tan beagle and Patterdale terrier mix, so he will always be small. At the end of June, 2022,  he is approximately 3 months old.   He lives in the high numbers of Fox Glen Ct.

Laile is a small Black and White dog. She has one eye. She lives on Springwater.

Mystro is a small tan & brown dog. He weighs approximately 16 pounds. He lives on St. Augustine Way.

Cinder is a male grey/tan/white neutered chiweenie dog. Cinder, does not have a chip

Walter is a cream pug. He lives on Holly Springs.

Gidget is a female cream pug. She lives on Holly Springs.

maggie is a female Shit-Tzu. She lives on Roseberry Circle.

JoJo is a Jack Russell. He lives on Raintree in Springwater.

King is a black Cha-weenie. He lives on Raintree, in Springwater.

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