Community Pets

Registry of Lake Shore Community Pets.
This registry is entirely voluntary and intended to help in identifying loose pets in our community. A method of contact for the owners is provided.

A form to submit your pets information is available below.
Searchable pet registry
Use the search box to the right to select type of pet, color, or description. The name of the pet is a clickable link to full photo and description of the pet. A contact form is available on that page to contact the owner or the pet.

Use the Search field below to search terms like 'dog', 'cat', a size or color.
Type of petPet PhotoPet NameColorCoat PatternSizeApprox. WeightAgeHomeDescription
DogMilton LavoieMiltonBlack and white3Allen BrookKaren
DogKing ShaktmanKingBlack and whiteSmallRaintreeCha-weenieEric
DogJoJo ShaktmanJoJoTan and whiteSmallRaintreeJack RussellEric
DogJuno BurroughsJunoBrownBrindleLess than 12 monthsBraxton ManorFemale brown brindle Boxer MixDonna
DogRiley WadeRileyCreamSolidFox GlenDonna Wadedonnajwade03@gmail.com910-987-6876
DogChloe WadeChloeBlackSolidFox GlenDonna Wadedonnajwade03@gmail.com910-987-6876
DogMaggie PrittMaggieBlack and whiteSmallRoseberry CircleShi-TzuTerry Prittprittster@gmail.com330-322-5726
DogJosie RiffleJosieWhite, Light BrownLake Shore BlvdDenise and Lewis
DogGidget TomberlinGidgetCream, BlackSmallHolly Springs CircleCream PugKari and Kevin Tomberlinkari.barrett@comcast.net912-713-2117
DogWalter TomberlinWalterCream, BlackSmallHolly SpringsCream PugKari and Kevin Tomberlinkari.barrett@comcast.net912-713-2117
DogNibbler CerconeNibblerBlackSolidLargeSandy Point WayAlexander
DogRiley WoodRileyBrown and whiteSolidLargeSandy Point WayMaleSamantha Wood and Nick Mosssw07387@georgiasouthern.eduSamantha 843.384.5633 Nick912.429.6847
DogMax WoodMaxTan SolidLargeSandy Point WayMaleSamantha Wood and Nick Mosssw07387@georgiasouthern.eduSamantha 843.384.5633 Nick912.429.6847
DogHank WoodHankBlack and whiteSolidLargeSandy Point WayMaleSamantha Wood and Nick Mosssw07387@georgiasouthern.eduSamantha 843.384.5633 Nick912.429.6847
DogGeorgia Belle WoodGeorgia BelleBlackSolidLargeSandy Point WayFemaleSamantha Wood and Nick Mosssw07387@georgiasouthern.eduSamantha 843.384.5633 Nick912.429.6847
DogCinder MicheleCinderGrey, Tan , WhiteTri-colorSmallNeutered Cheweenie. Does not have a microchip.Bree Michelebreemichele72@gmail.com754-244-9561
DogDoc R-SDocBlack, Cream, WhiteTri-colorMedium33 pounds1 yearRoseberry CircleBlack tri-color Border CollieAvril Roy-Smithavrilmh@gmail.com818-926-9468
DogRoccoRoccoBlack and Tan, Black, Tan Bi-coloredSmallUnder 30 pounds3 monthsFox Glen CtBlack and Tan Beagle-Patterdale Terrier mix puppyNikki Imlerkndemeter625@gmail.com912-414-2604
DogChopper-Imler-2ChopperBlack and Tan, Black, Tan Bi-coloredLarge2 YearsFox Glen CtBlack and tan German Shepherd Dog with classic saddle coat patternNikki Imlerkndemeter625@gmail.com912-414-2604
DogToffee LavoieToffeeBrown, Tan BrindleSmallAdultAllen Brook DriveSmall, tan and brown brindle beagle mix. Karen Lavoielavoiekaren2@gmail.com843-540-3863
CatBig RiffleBigBrownTabbyLake Shore BlvdDenise and Lewis
CatLily BurroughsLilyGreyTabbyBraxton ManorFemale grey tabby catDonna
CatBatman RiffleBatmanBlackSolidLake Shore BlvdCat on left of photoDenise and Lewis
CatZeno Auri R-SAuriBlack and whiteLarge18 pounds3 yearsRoseberry CircleAuri is the cat at the top of photo. Black and White male neutered cat. Has 3 inch long, crooked tail. (Other cat in photo is Zeno who has no tail.)Avril Roy-Smithavrilmh@gmail.com818-926-9468
CatCopper RiffleCopperCreamTabbyLake Shore BlvdDenise and Lewis
CatMicky DarrowMickyBrownTabbyRoseberry CircleLong haired brown tabby catDavid
CatMoth MicheleMothBlackSolidMediumBlack neutered male cat. Has a microchip registered to Brianna Balla. Has one white toe on his right front paw.Bree Michelebreemichele72@gmail.com754-244-9561
CatBowser MicheleBowserOrangeTabbyMediumMale orange neutered cat . Has a microchip registered to Raymond Campbell. Bree Michelebreemichele72@gmail.com754-244-9561
CatWulfie R-SWulfieGreyTabbyLarge16 pounds5 yearsRoseberry CircleGrey tabby female Maine CoonAvril Roy-Smithavrilmh@gmail.com818-926-9468
CatTig R-STigBrownTabbyLarge18 pounds5 yearsRoseberry CircleGrey tabby neutered male Maine CoonAvril Roy-Smithavrilmh@gmail.com818-926-9468
CatZeno Auri R-SZenoBlack and whiteLarge18 pounds3 yearsRoseberry CircleZeno is the cat at the bottom of photo. Black and White male neutered cat. Has no tail. (Other cat in photo is Auri, who has a 3 inch long crooked tail.)Avril Roy-Smithavrilmh@gmail.com818-926-9468
CatLoki R-SLokiBlackSolidMedium11 pounds11 yearsRoseberry CircleShorthaired male neutered cat. Avril Roy-Smithavrilmh@gmail.com818-926-9468
CatMoth Loki R-SMothBrownTabbyMedium11 pounds10 yearsRoseberry CircleShorthaired female cat. Avril Roy-Smithavrilmh@gmail.com818-926-9468
CatOreo - StrayOreo (Stray)Black and whiteTuxedoMediumLake Shore BlvdShorthaired female cat. Stray. In need of Home.Angel Metzger, Curtis Boyer
DogZiva RowanZivaBlack and whiteFox Glen CourtBlack with white patch Springer Spaniel/LabDanielle Rowandannydeloach86@gmail.com912 618-9927
DogChewy DukesChewyBrown and white, BlackBraxton Manor DriveBrown, Black, and White Lab/chihuahua mixTiana Dukestdukes93@outlook.com910 988-6563
DogMystro RowlandMystroTan , Light Brown, Tan and white16 poundsSt Augustine WayMystro is tan & brown and weighs approximately 16 pounds. Brittany Rowlandbrittany-rowland@hotmail.com912-539-4123
CatMaggie McCannMaggieBrown and whiteTortoiseshellSmallSandy Point WayDomestic medium haired cat. Green eyed tortoise. Extremely skittish. Fluffy coat but small in stature.Susan McCannsusan.mccann119@gmail.com570-839-6068
DogLailaLailaBlack and whiteSmallSpringwaterSmall black and white dog with one eye.Delrose
DogCain VanamanCainTan , BrownSmallHolly Springs CircleTan and brown lab mix with a very small black spot on one of his legs. He is also microchipped.Bethany
Pet Registry Submission
Pet Registry Submission

Phone numbers are not displayed on the web site. They are stored in a secure database, to be used for emergencies. The web site admin will receive a copy of any email to you with reference to a possible siting of your pet running loose. The admin will then be able to contact you in case you haven't checked your email. Although you do not need to provide a phone number for a call or text message, it might be of benefit should your pet get out.

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